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095 - Goldeneye

False starts due to upgrade woes put Ceebs in a frantic state, while the Cat is, as he puts it, old and grumpy. The Knights discuss a variety of topics including the new Star Wars trailer, Back to the Future Day, and movies released in 1995, including their Flick Pick, Goldeneye.

 Episode Page |   October 24, 2015 |   Download

094 - True Lies

In this installment the Knights experimented with their start time and go on 3 hours earlier than normal. For episode 94, the Knights stuck with their established pattern and focused on 1994. After mentioning a bunch of movies that aren’t their Flick Pick, the Knights finally settled down and talked about a bunch of other stuff that isn’t True Lies in between their attempts at discussing the flick.

 Episode Page |   October 17, 2015 |   Download

093 - Jurassic Park

The Knights return for another round of bickering, and goofing off. Ceebs was a Midnight Mucus Knight, while the Cat discovers Dale Pale Ale is a lot more intense than he anticipated. The Flick Pick is Jurassic Park which both Knights absolutely love, because dinosaurs!

 Episode Page |   October 10, 2015 |   Download

092 - The Martian

The Knights were joined by Damion Chaplin for a discussion of The Martian, at least, that was the plan. The conversation jumped around from the Knights experience seeing The Martian with Marianne, to Miranda and Damion’s interview of Andy Weir, but inevitably kept jumping back to Star Trek: The Next Generation. Don’t you Knights know you already did a show on Star Trek: The Next Generation?

 Episode Page |   October 3, 2015 |   Download

091 - What About Bob?

Ceebs calls an audible and the Knights start the show with their FlickPick, What About Bob? The Knights discuss Mission Hard Root Beer, and both Knights agree that it tastes great at first, but finishes way too strong. The Cat shares a tale of biggoted simians as a lead in to Ceebs sharing the details of an incident that occurred at work that shook her to her core. In telling her story, Ceebs bore all and got very emotional.

 Episode Page |   September 26, 2015 |   Download