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How Battle Is Forged

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Pop My Culture Cherry

Any pop culture related piece of news or discussion.

Who Me?

Bah, it's not just Doctor Who news, it's open to anything Whoniverse adjacent. We should rename this one. Get on it ya lazy bums.


We're both pretty big fans of Kevin Smith and in November of 2013 we took his advice. "Grab a buddy, and record a podcast he says." as Ceebs put it in the Midnight Movie Knights teaser episode. Kevin Smith is one of our inspirations, so this is how we pay Homage to him, by choosing one of his movies to highlight.

Guilty Pleasure

Any movie that we might get mocked for because of how we respond to it.

Old Friend

Any movie that is 30 years or older. Why 30 years? Because Henry Laporte, son of Leo, once defined 30 as being old.

Ear Candy

Any auditory goodness that we just have to share from any flick.

Anything Goes

The name says it all, it's up to each knight to determine what to do for this segment.


Any movie quote is fair game.

Pod People

A podcast that we like, and will probably fangasm over. Yeah that's right, fangasm, we said it.

Holiday Movie

The knights are free to choose any movie that gets them in the holiday spirit.

What's Reel?

Any movie based on historical events or entities.

A Novel Idea

Any movie based on a written work.

Knights Choice

There are two Knights Choice entries. One for Ceebs, and one for Kitteh. Which ever knight is specified gets to choose a segment from the remaining segments.

Science Flicktion

Any movie with a science-fiction basis.


Any non North American movie. Why non North American when you're both in the USA? Well, there's a crap ton of movies filmed up in Canada, and we love Canada eh!

Tooned In

Any animated featured.

Acting Out

Highlights any actor.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Any action movie.

Chick Flick

Let's face it, this category was added to force Ceebs to chose real guilty pleasures. :-D

Follow Ups

Sequels, prequels, trilogies, and sagas, it's all fair game.


Any movie that is an update to a previously released film.

New Releases

Movies that are currently in theaters or recently released on Bluray, DVD, or Digital Download.

Made for TV

Any movie originally developed for a television release.


Any movie that woefully underperformed at the box office.