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094 - True Lies

It Still Wasn't Commando

 October 17, 2015 |  Download

In this installment the Knights experimented with their start time and go on 3 hours earlier than normal. For episode 94, the Knights stuck with their established pattern and focused on 1994. After mentioning a bunch of movies that aren’t their Flick Pick, the Knights finally settled down and talked about a bunch of other stuff that isn’t True Lies in between their attempts at discussing the flick.

The Knights were joined in the Mixlr chat by @markoshark, @RevelstokeJim, @dckantel, @MayorOfBeerTown, @madzub, and @revoltingnow.

Hey Ceebs, why do you put in peoples twitter profiles when they join you on the Mixlr chat? You know they have Mixlr profiles don’t you? Silly Ceebs.

Mew Lies