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106 - The Departed

In this installment the Knights are joined by Revelstoke Jim. Kitteh is tired of things blowing up in his face, and Ceebs can’t remember crap, like that’s anything new. The Flick Pick was The Departed, which the mere suggestion of invoked some explicit enthusiam.

 Episode Page |   January 9, 2016 |   Download

105 - Walk the Line

In this installment the Knights try to explain away why episode 104 is missing, the short story is #BlameTom. The Cat shares experience riding his bike to and from work, and Ceebs just never shuts ups, like that’s anything new. The Flick Pick for the week is Walk the Line, a suggestion from the Cat because he’d been listening to a lot of Johnny Cash lately.

 Episode Page |   January 2, 2016 |   Download

103 - Spoiler Wars

In this installment, the Knights babble for a bit and then spoil the hell out of Star Wars: The Force Awakens scene by scene as best they could remember it.

 Episode Page |   December 19, 2015 |   Download

102 - Does Dis-Count?

Ceebs literally runs away and abandons the Kitteh to his own wits to carry the show. Both Knights fail to appreciate the holiday spirit, but according to the Cat, their Flick Pick Scrooged will make it all better. Also in this installment, Ceebs has ideas for Boxing Day games at the Empire.

 Episode Page |   December 12, 2015 |   Download

101 - Miranderp

The Cat “ain’t mad” and Miranda proves talking is hard. Actually, writing seems to be hard too. Miranda derped so hard during the show that she can’t even write a proper description for the show. This week’s bracket showdown ended up being a battle of the chick flicks. It’s a vampire and a guy who will “Say Anything” against the timey wimey tale of Sabertooth setting up his ex-girlfriend Sally with his great-great grandfather Wolverine. This week’s flick pick was the incestuous time traveling tale of Kate and Leopold.

 Episode Page |   December 5, 2015 |   Download