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105 - Walk the Line

Not a Godess Burp

 January 2, 2016 |  Download

In this installment the Knights try to explain away why episode 104 is missing, the short story is #BlameTom. The Cat shares experience riding his bike to and from work, and Ceebs just never shuts ups, like that’s anything new. The Flick Pick for the week is Walk the Line, a suggestion from the Cat because he’d been listening to a lot of Johnny Cash lately.

The Knights were joined in the Mixlr chat by The Mayor of Beertown (@MayorOfBeertown), Comic Newb (@ComicNewb), Marianne (@mv_ughn), Revelstoke Jim (@RevelstokeJim), Jim Rilee (@revoltingnow), Kaarval (@kaarval), and Dale Hu (@madzub).

The gang struts their stuff as they leave Foolsome Prison. You will never find more retched hive of dumb and doofery. We must be cautious.