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085 - To Live and Die in LA

The Knights have gathered once again to share tales of gatherings and artistic endeavors. The Cat mentions a mostly uneventful week, but does describe his latest illustrations. Meanwhile near the Knights former castle, Ceebs celebrates being a self proclaimed “Disney Dork” by meeting people of notoriety such as Rob Paulsen and Cindy Morgan, finding Ewok related items, and having her personal space invaded by a creeper. Ceebs took on D23 and loved every second of it! Well, except for the creeper, Ceebs doesn’t like creepers. She’s weird, but not that weird. The Flick Pick this week is To Live and Die in L.A., a favorite of the Cat which he’s seen many times. Ceebs, not so much, this was her first viewing and she wasn’t a big fan, but she still gave it the “Didn’t Hate It!” seal of approval.

 Episode Page |   August 15, 2015 |   Download

084 - Johnny Dangerously

The Knights return on International Cat Day but then those bastiges start the show talking about moose instead. The Controlling Botch shares some stories about hanging out with her sister and her bestie! One of the tales involved piping hot asymmetrical donuts that may not have been worth the wait. The Cat talks about stuff he’s drawn and an icehole he encountered at work. The Flick Pick is Johnny Dangerously, because the Knights love Michael Keaton, WITH A K! Stay tuned for the stinger, there’s something wrong with Ceebs.

 Episode Page |   August 8, 2015 |   Download

083 - Mr Mom

In this installment, The Knights tell tales of their continued exploration of this new land in which they call home. A truly wonderful day was had while perusing the local fare, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, breads, trinkets and crafts, at the peasants bazaar. A tournament of sorts was had as the Flick Pick was chosen by the convention of the release year matching the episode number. 1983 provided many contenders, and it came down to a draw between Return of the Jedi and Mr. Mom. Ceebs has this notion that everyone expects her to choose a Star Wars flick, so in keeping with her Rebel Alliance attitude, she eliminated it from the competition. The ultimate victor is a favorite of both Knights, Mr. Mom, the gender role stereotype reversing comedy starring Michael Keaton and Teri Garr. As usual, staying on topic proved to be a challenge for the Knights, but they battled their inner SQUIRREL! valiantly.

 Episode Page |   August 1, 2015 |   Download

082 - The Karate Kid

The Knights embark on another epic journey as they say farewell to Avalon, the castle that has served them so well. Relocating all of their worldly posessions has left the Knights weary, but they soldiered on. The realm of Twittonia came to the rescue and helped with the Flick Pick recommendation of The Karate Kid. Going live, once again with a couchcast, the Knights actually watch the movie as they pod and interact with the Mixlr chat. Discussing the movie (GASP) and the move, neither in order or at any specific time, the Knights push through the pod and have fun doing so. Despite Ceebs “drilling” and willing her mic to cooperate, and the Cat randomly spouting points in the movie, pod was made and the Knights survived another week!

 Episode Page |   July 25, 2015 |   Download

081 - Xanadu

The Knights start off with some audio difficulties but move forward, slaying the audio beast that threatens them. They also discuss the heat and how water from the sky is a very, very good thing, mostly. It’s possibly the last show in the Knight’s castle as they prepare to move to a new kingdom! Ceebs has a revelation at the last minute that saves them both from a potential disaster. The Ceebs knight is clearly the hero this week since the Cat has been clueless. Nice, Kitteh, nice. Thanks go out to Johnny Whitetrash for sponsoring this week’s show. Johnny voted for our Flick Pick to be the 1980 Olivia Newton-John musical, Xanadu! Roller skates, Gene Kelly, musical genres colliding and Don Bluth animation all rolled into one 80s package with neon! Neither Knight hated the flick but understand it is an enjoyable movie for what it was.

 Episode Page |   July 18, 2015 |   Download