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084 - Johnny Dangerously

Ceebs' Assymetrical Saggy Donuts

 August 8, 2015 |  Download

The Knights return on International Cat Day but then those bastiges start the show talking about moose instead. The Controlling Botch shares some stories about hanging out with her sister and her bestie! One of the tales involved piping hot asymmetrical donuts that may not have been worth the wait. The Cat talks about stuff he’s drawn and an icehole he encountered at work. The Flick Pick is Johnny Dangerously, because the Knights love Michael Keaton, WITH A K! Stay tuned for the stinger, there’s something wrong with Ceebs.

The Knights were joined in the Mixlr chat by @mv_ughn, @markoshark, @3cuckoos, and @dianae173.

Dave celebrations International Cat Day 2015!