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081 - Xanadu

We'll Xanadu it for Johnny!

 July 18, 2015 |  Download

The Knights start off with some audio difficulties but move forward, slaying the audio beast that threatens them. They also discuss the heat and how water from the sky is a very, very good thing, mostly. It’s possibly the last show in the Knight’s castle as they prepare to move to a new kingdom! Ceebs has a revelation at the last minute that saves them both from a potential disaster. The Ceebs knight is clearly the hero this week since the Cat has been clueless. Nice, Kitteh, nice. Thanks go out to Johnny Whitetrash for sponsoring this week’s show. Johnny voted for our Flick Pick to be the 1980 Olivia Newton-John musical, Xanadu! Roller skates, Gene Kelly, musical genres colliding and Don Bluth animation all rolled into one 80s package with neon! Neither Knight hated the flick but understand it is an enjoyable movie for what it was.

Miranda, Jonas and Dave doing a tribute to Xanadu. Illustrated by @ThatFrakkingCat