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082 - The Karate Kid

Knights in a New Castle

 July 25, 2015 |  Download

The Knights embark on another epic journey as they say farewell to Avalon, the castle that has served them so well. Relocating all of their worldly posessions has left the Knights weary, but they soldiered on. The realm of Twittonia came to the rescue and helped with the Flick Pick recommendation of The Karate Kid. Going live, once again with a couchcast, the Knights actually watch the movie as they pod and interact with the Mixlr chat. Discussing the movie (GASP) and the move, neither in order or at any specific time, the Knights push through the pod and have fun doing so. Despite Ceebs “drilling” and willing her mic to cooperate, and the Cat randomly spouting points in the movie, pod was made and the Knights survived another week!

"Yeah, that'll work" engineering became necessary.