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111 - Deadpool

Can you believe it? Ceebs is still muttering about Galavant being stuck in her head! Speaking of which…

 Episode Page |   February 14, 2016 |   Download

110 - The Losers

Ceebs hates this episode and is only releasing it because the Cat drew a frakking episode image for our Flick Pick, The Losers.

 Episode Page |   February 7, 2016 |   Download

109 - Zombieland

The Cat has an interesting relationship with phone numbers and it nearly makes the Knights miss out on pod pizza. The Knights spend some time discussing their weekly movie lists. The Flick Pick for the week is Zombieland, a favorite of both knights.

 Episode Page |   January 31, 2016 |   Download

108 - Juno

The Knights return with another not safe for work dose of verbal diarrhea in which they actually cover life, pop-culture, and movies. What can you expect from the babbling buddies?

 Episode Page |   January 23, 2016 |   Download

107 - Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

This week, the Knights refuse to start the show description with “In this installment…”, “This week…”, “The Knights….”, or any of their other common introductory phrases. What do you mean we already screwed that up? Oh bother. In the life portion of the show, the Knights share another bike story, the Cat has the sick, and Ceebs has been weepy over the passing of Alan Rickman. While discussing DVD rewind fees, @ComicNewb called to share a real life experience, and he didn’t even let anyone know it was his birthday. Frequent collaborator @RevelstokeJim phoned in as well to check up on and hang out with the bickering buddies. In honor of Alan Rickman, this week’s Flick Pick is Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Check back soon to pre-order the Knights latest product, the Genuine DVD / Blu-ray Rewinder. Act fast, the first 1000 pre-orders come with the bonus LaserDisc and MiniDisc adapters, a $39.99 value at absolutely no additional cost to you, just pay separate processing and handling.

 Episode Page |   January 16, 2016 |   Download