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108 - Juno

Knights of Pain

 January 23, 2016 |  Download

The Knights return with another not safe for work dose of verbal diarrhea in which they actually cover life, pop-culture, and movies. What can you expect from the babbling buddies?

  • Kitteh and the bike accident, a tale of helpful people, especially bus drivers.
  • Social Ceebs has headaches and is getting into meditation.
  • Suicide Squad and Yoga Hosers get some time in the spotlight.

The Flick Pick of the week is Juno. Cat has never seen it, while Ceebs loves it because, survey says, she finds the characters very relatable.

Stay tuned next week, same Knight time, same Knight channel. Go Team Knights! Someone can’t stop saying Knight! “With a K!”

The Knights (oops, said it again) were joined in the Mixlr chat by Dale Hu (@madzub), Comic Newb (@ComicNewb), RevelstokeJim (@RevelstokeJim), Dianae (@dianae173), Marianne (@mv_ughn), and Marc Thorner (@markoshark).

MMK 108 - You Know