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055 - The Hunger Games

The Knights get off to a slow start, but they eventually got it on track. Ceebs crushes The Kitteh in the Tournament of Segments and this little blurb is her bragging rights. The Flick Pick for this week is The Hunger Games, and at show time the Knights had only watched an hour of it. The stinger turned out to be a real stinker as Ceebs tells the tale of the 2:30 AM fountain farter.

 Episode Page |   January 17, 2015 |   Download

054 - The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

A few hours before the show, The Knights changed their Flick Pick for the week and went to a local theater and saw The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies, which ended up being That Frakking Cat’s first 3D theatrical experience. They had some concerns over the Tournament of Segments, so it was skipped this week in favor of talking about the Flick Pick in much greater than normal depth. There was a ton of noise coming from Angel Stadium because the monster trucks were over there having their Monster Jam. Sir Kitteh had a nice momentary scare when the fireworks started going off and he realized just how close the exploding balls of pretty colored firey goodness actually are.

 Episode Page |   January 10, 2015 |   Download

053 - The Dream Team

The Knights return in the new year at a new time, and armed with some new segments, as promised. The Tournament of Segments commenced and the Knights battled it out while discussing potential revisions to the tournament. The flick pick this week was the 1989 Michael Keaton movie, no not Batman, The Dream Team. Ceebs was not a fan, but she couldn’t give it a hated it or didn’t hate it, so she nothinged it. The new rating was given the That Frakking Seal of Approval by Sir Kitteh. The post show movie was a lucky find, the 1977 animated series, The Hobbit.

 Episode Page |   January 3, 2015 |   Download

052 - Back to the Future

The idiots with microphones take to the digital airwaves one last time in 2014. Ceebs was awarded the bragging rights in an extra long Tournament of Segments. New segments for 2015 were suggested, and the Knights had a ton of fun bringing this one to life. Both Knights agree, now that The Interview is available in theaters and on demand, neither wants to see it anymore, especially once they considered the tinfoil hat inspiring implications. While reflecting on the past year, Back to the Future was a natural choice for this weeks Flick Pick.

 Episode Page |   December 27, 2014 |   Download

051 - Team America: World Police

In this installment, the Knights return to their regular format. Ceebs goes, as That Frakking Cat would say, #FullCeebs (seriously, he uses a hashtag, in conversation, it’s weird), and she ended up with the bragging rights in the Tournament of Segments. After the theatrical release of The Interview was halted in response to threats of violence at theaters, the Knights jump on the Team America: World Police bandwagon and choose it as their Flick Pick.

 Episode Page |   December 20, 2014 |   Download