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052 - Back to the Future

Goin back in time!

 December 27, 2014 |  Download

The idiots with microphones take to the digital airwaves one last time in 2014. Ceebs was awarded the bragging rights in an extra long Tournament of Segments. New segments for 2015 were suggested, and the Knights had a ton of fun bringing this one to life. Both Knights agree, now that The Interview is available in theaters and on demand, neither wants to see it anymore, especially once they considered the tinfoil hat inspiring implications. While reflecting on the past year, Back to the Future was a natural choice for this weeks Flick Pick.

While not all of their plans panned out, 2014 was a spectacular year for the Knights. We launched the show in January. In May we flirted with live shows for the first time, traveled together in #Journey2DRC, and Ceebs launched Getting Geeky on GABNet. By November #OperationNewLitterBox was threatened multiple times, but the Knights prevailed. The Midnight Movie Knights would like to thank you for joining them on their quest in 2014, and hope your quests have been as fruitful as theirs. The Knights will ride again in 2015!

Oh noes, a paranoid Jedi!