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060 - The Outsiders

Episode 60 is here, and the Knights have chosen the movie The Outsiders as their Flick Pick. And in this episode the Cat dragged in two special guests who were also fans of the movie, THE Johnny Whitetrash and his lovely wife, the illustrious Huney, from The Johnny Whitetrash Show. In order to devote more time to our guests, and discussing the Flick Pick, there was no tournament, but it will return next week. As mentioned, the Flick Pick was the 1983 classic The Outsiders based on the S.E. Hinton book of the same name. We’d sincerely like to thank Johnny and Huney for their time this week and making this episode one of the most enjoyable so far.

 Episode Page |   February 21, 2015 |   Download

059 - The Dark Knight

On a very special episode, special just being live on Sunday instead of Saturday night, the Knights are joined by Jim Browning and Marc Thorner. Battling through the tournament with Jim, the Knights welcome Marc Thorner to discuss, yes actually discuss, with tangents thrown in of course, this week’s Flick Pick, The Dark Knight. While everyone agrees that they enjoy the movie, there are some issues they had to mention. Thanks to Jim Browning and Marc Thorner for joining us this week, it was fun guys.

 Episode Page |   February 15, 2015 |   Download

058 - Morning Glory

This week the Cat takes the Time Machine back a couple weeks to when he saw The Interview. He really didn’t like it. His official Midnight Movie Knights rating was a hated it, and we’re talking about the kind of hated it that he blames the flick for his getting sick that week. Ceebs’ preshow entertainment continued to mess with her head. The Tournament ended itself when despite both Knights having plenty of segments to choose from, the spinner disagreed and 3 picks in a row drew blanks. Ceebs gets the bragging rights this week with her 4-2 victory. This week’s Flick Pick was a toss up between The Bourne Identity or Morning Glory, but since the pick belonged to Ceebs this week she went with the mood boosting Morning Glory, a flick that the Cat previously had not seen.

 Episode Page |   February 7, 2015 |   Download

057 - Falling Down

The battle against illness has been conquered, mostly, and the battle hardened Knights have returned. Realizing an oversight, the Knights discuss the one year anniversary of when they posted their first show for all to hear. A lot has happened in the span of a year and the Knights are pleased. A story makes the Kitteh realize he has never had to search for what most men seem to be googling the most. The tournament returns with the Kitteh emerging triumphant for a change. Ceebs laments over a once brown sky as the Knights discuss this week’s Flick Pick, Falling Down. Everything’s coming up Kitteh in this episode as he wins the show and the hat trick.

 Episode Page |   January 27, 2015 |   Download

056 - Lucy

This week the Knights did battle with a foe they could not see, the ghastly common cold microbes. Ceebs was the first to fall, and Sir Kitteh had planned on valiantly taking the lead, but the microscopic invaders gained a foothold. After a trip to her parents castle, Ceebs was once again granted command over her voice, however temporariliy, thanks to a miracle potion and the show carried on. The Flick Pick for the week is Lucy, a film full of bad science, but good sci-fi. The microbe invaders may have won this battle, but they will not win the war as the Knights will return next week in healthier form.

 Episode Page |   January 24, 2015 |   Download