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058 - Morning Glory

Not safe for Girl Scout Cookies

 February 7, 2015 |  Download

This week the Cat takes the Time Machine back a couple weeks to when he saw The Interview. He really didn’t like it. His official Midnight Movie Knights rating was a hated it, and we’re talking about the kind of hated it that he blames the flick for his getting sick that week. Ceebs’ preshow entertainment continued to mess with her head. The Tournament ended itself when despite both Knights having plenty of segments to choose from, the spinner disagreed and 3 picks in a row drew blanks. Ceebs gets the bragging rights this week with her 4-2 victory. This week’s Flick Pick was a toss up between The Bourne Identity or Morning Glory, but since the pick belonged to Ceebs this week she went with the mood boosting Morning Glory, a flick that the Cat previously had not seen.

Special Note from Ceebs: Both The Kids Are All Right and Oldboy were both great flicks that I enjoyed, but I probably should have watched them after the show.