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060 - The Outsiders

Tangents have never stayed so golden

 February 21, 2015 |  Download

Episode 60 is here, and the Knights have chosen the movie The Outsiders as their Flick Pick. And in this episode the Cat dragged in two special guests who were also fans of the movie, THE Johnny Whitetrash and his lovely wife, the illustrious Huney, from The Johnny Whitetrash Show. In order to devote more time to our guests, and discussing the Flick Pick, there was no tournament, but it will return next week. As mentioned, the Flick Pick was the 1983 classic The Outsiders based on the S.E. Hinton book of the same name. We’d sincerely like to thank Johnny and Huney for their time this week and making this episode one of the most enjoyable so far.