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065 - Dracula

In this installment the Knights prove that they truly are idiots with microphones, and a mixer capable of altering their voices. The tomfoolery continued as they arrived at their verbal joust, the Tournament of Segments, unarmed, and without their trusty steeds. The result is a couple ninnies slapping each other like the dimwits they are. This week’s Flick Pick is Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Ceebs couldn’t even be bothered to finish it as she cites “time with family” as her excuse for not being prepared. Sir Kitteh valiantly stepped in and shared his thoughts as he scratched the flick off his “Watch Eventually” scroll.

 Episode Page |   March 28, 2015 |   Download

064 - Horns

The Knights are joined this week by a fellow movie junkie out there, Tim from The SLS Cast. Cinderella, Southern California living, Jim Parsons in Home, and water burgers are among the plethora of topics covered. This week’s Flick Pick was Horns, and the concensus was not in favor of the flick. Both Knights and the cinematic wizard that one might call Tim felt nothing but contempt for the film that could have been oh so much more, and if possible all three would like a refund on the two hours of life lost while viewing. Ceebs and That Frakking Cat would like thank Tim for joining them as they truly had a blast ripping Horns a new one.

 Episode Page |   March 21, 2015 |   Download

063 - Pi

To celebrate Pi day, the Knights have left Avalon and embarked on a sacred quest to meet up with another Knight at a castle in a foreign land. The foreign land is Las Vegas, the Castle is Excalibur, no not the sword, the castle, and the Knight is known to many as Revelstoke Jim! The Knights three discussed their travels, the peasants of this strange land, and the jesters at Laugh Factory. The head jester, Steve ‘Mudflap’ McGrew was a gracious entertainer and the Knights three raise their glasses of mead to honor him. This weeks Flick Pick is the 1998 Darren Aronofsky movie, Pi about a paranoid mathematician who is searching for patterns in nature. Road pod rocks. We’re having a blast, despite Ceebs and Jim getting #WaffleBlocked at Johnny Rockets as events unfolded in a very Falling Down like manner.

 Episode Page |   March 14, 2015 |   Download

062 - Watership Down

It was Frith’s will that mere cables prevented another couchcast, but the Knights relied on their training and experience and ultimately prevailed. The Tournament of Segments was skipped once again in favor of the Knights catching up with each other. It’s weird how two Knights can share one castle, yet hardly talk to one another. Ceebs mentions a new idea for the show, going live as the Knights walk home after a theatrical viewing of the Flick Pick. Ceebs also takes a walk while the Cat gets a trim. Thanks to Ray…or Roy, or was it Ray? It was one of those guys. Our Flick Pick for this week was prompted by that darn Albertan and friend of the show, John Q. Hipster (formerly known as Johnny Whitetrash). Mr. Hipster mentioned bunnies, so the Cat chose, Watership Down, the 1978 animated movie about a group of rabbits that cross the English countryside to find a new home. It has been one of the Cat’s childhood favorites.

 Episode Page |   March 7, 2015 |   Download

061 - Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

No tournament, no direction, just the Knights talking, while watching, live, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Just kicking it on the couch this week, the Knights go for something a little different. Ceebs has had a busy week and the Cat has been feeling poorly so the Knights decided to sit back relax and just catch up. It was a fun idea that we’d do again sometime, if you agree, or even if you disagree, send us a tweet @MovieKnightsPod or drop us an email at [email protected]

 Episode Page |   February 28, 2015 |   Download