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075 - Twister

This week the Knights return and actually talk about movies, again. Seriously folks, this is weird, the Knights are starting on time, and they’re talking about their Flick Picks. What is up with the world? The Kitteh tells the tale of his reactions to San Andreas, while Ceebs deals poor life choices leading to her ears ringing so loud it made her jump and reinjure her neck. Stupid farging %@#$*&^ tinnitus. This week’s Flick Pick is Twister, a favorite of both Knights.

 Episode Page |   June 6, 2015 |   Download

074 - D2: The Mighty Ducks

The Knights return to the podiverse in a fowl mood as their hometown Anaheim Ducks fall to the Chicago Blackhawks in the Western Conference Championship. After a tangent filled discussion of the night’s hockey game, the attention was brought ever closer to home as Ceebs turned the topic to baseball while commenting on the in progress Angels game. Ceebs shares some stories about partipating in Disney’s VoluntEARS program leading to her being an extra in this week’s Flick Pick, D2: The Mighty Ducks. The Knights were joined by their friend @RollerdogNC, author of Remember the Rollerdogs, who shares some of his stories. The good folks at Angels Stadium were gracious enough to celebrate our program and provided live fireworks during the show.

 Episode Page |   May 30, 2015 |   Download

073 - Tomorrowland

In this installment the Knights engaged in a most unexpected battle to save their critically wounded streaming server. Kitteh fails to open “THE” window, while Ceebs describes the general layout of Disneyland. This weeks Flick Pick is the very recently released Tomorrowland and both Knights didn’t hate it.

 Episode Page |   May 23, 2015 |   Download

072 - Ex Machina

In this installment the Knights stick to their usual format. Ceebs tells a tale of why she can’t really remember the preceeding week, while Kitteh works it. An off the top of the head Tournament of Segments occurred, and tangents were followed. The Flick Pick for the week is Ex Machina, and both Knights found it thought provoking enough to get two official didn’t hate its.

 Episode Page |   May 16, 2015 |   Download

071 - Lilo & Stitch

The Knights begin the show early with a bang or two or many and then discuss their week. They are joined by surprise caller ‘Bill’ who showers the Knights with his tale of cement mixing. The Flick Pick for the week was Lilo & Stitch, a definite favorite of Ceebs judging by all the stuffies she proudly displayed for the Cat, who had never seen the movie before and was impressed.

 Episode Page |   May 9, 2015 |   Download