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100 - X-Men

100 Episodes and a Birthday

 November 28, 2015 |  Download

The Knights celebrate episode 100, and it was chalk full of surprises. While catching up on their week Ceebs shares some thoughts on Jessica Jones. Thanks to The Mayor vs Newb, The SLS Cast, and Johnny and Honey Whitetrash for the birthday wishes and 100th episode congrats. The Knights were joined on Skype by @MarkoShark, and by @mv_ughn and her lovely husband Mickey in the Apartment Studio. The winner of this weeks Flick Pick bracket showdown was X-Men. The Knights will return in Midnight Movie Knights: Episode 101 - 101 Dalmations!

The Knights were joined in the Mixlr chat by @MarkoShark, @RevelstokeJim, @ComicNewb, @MayorOfBeertown, and @Dianae173.

100 Episodes and a Birthday