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XCIX - The Fire Hydrant Menace


 November 21, 2015 |  Download

In this installment, Ceebs tells the tale of what you get when you have dark chocolate, wine, Nerf guns, Spectre, and a fire hydrant within about 24 hours. The Knights run down 44 possible Flick Pick candidates before choosing Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. The Cat tries to nerdshame Ceebs, and it backfires on him. Fear not for our noble feline, he did walk away with his head held high as he coined #NoAirBiscuits in the last moments of the show.

The Knights were joined in the Mixlr chat by @JudgeFunkyBoy, @mv_ughn, @RevelstokeJim, @ComicNewb, @madzub, and @Dianae173.

Midnight Movie Knights: Episode XCIX - The Fire Hyrdant Menace