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100 - X-Men

The Knights celebrate episode 100, and it was chalk full of surprises. While catching up on their week Ceebs shares some thoughts on Jessica Jones. Thanks to The Mayor vs Newb, The SLS Cast, and Johnny and Honey Whitetrash for the birthday wishes and 100th episode congrats. The Knights were joined on Skype by @MarkoShark, and by @mv_ughn and her lovely husband Mickey in the Apartment Studio. The winner of this weeks Flick Pick bracket showdown was X-Men. The Knights will return in Midnight Movie Knights: Episode 101 - 101 Dalmations!

 Episode Page |   November 28, 2015 |   Download

XCIX - The Fire Hydrant Menace

In this installment, Ceebs tells the tale of what you get when you have dark chocolate, wine, Nerf guns, Spectre, and a fire hydrant within about 24 hours. The Knights run down 44 possible Flick Pick candidates before choosing Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. The Cat tries to nerdshame Ceebs, and it backfires on him. Fear not for our noble feline, he did walk away with his head held high as he coined #NoAirBiscuits in the last moments of the show.

 Episode Page |   November 21, 2015 |   Download

098 - Run Lola Run

The Pizza Knights return for another go at a weekly dose of verbal diarrhea about life, pop culture, and most importantly PIZZA!!! While discussing the pizza situation, the Cat feels the need to remind Ceebs that she’s a #CAdbag. The Cat also shared why he was #OutragedKitteh, and Ceebs really isn’t a fan of Lady Millenial Pizza Face. The Knights did another bracket showdown to chose their Flick Pick, and once the Cat learned of the timey wimey nature of Run Lola Run, it sprinted ahead and no other flick could catch up.

 Episode Page |   November 14, 2015 |   Download

097 - Men in Black

Confronted with a long list of flick to choose from, the Knights took to twitter thinking they’d create a straw poll. Listener @dckantel responded with an idea that changed the course of the episode, he said “@MovieKnightsPod Do a bracket show!” The Knights listened and in this 97th installment, 32 flicks enter, but at the end of the battle, only Men in Black remained.

 Episode Page |   November 6, 2015 |   Download

096 - Hocus Pocus

In this Halloween episode, the Knights prove that they truly are idiots with microphones. This one is chalk full of bickering, reminiscing about movies that came out in 1996, and, of course, the signature feature of the show, tangents while talking about the Flick Pick. This weeks Flick Pick was Ceebs’ favorite Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus, which the Cat hadn’t seen before.

 Episode Page |   October 31, 2015 |   Download