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121 - Stripes

For the last day of April, the Knights celebrate by discussing root canals, anxiety Xenomorphs, Uber rides, Deadpool digital downloads, caveat emptor suckers, and the OG Birdman comic book movie, Condorman. This week’s Flick Pick is Stripes, a movie cherished by Kitteh, but nearly forgotten by Ceebs.

 Episode Page |   April 30, 2016 |   Download

120 - Aladdin

The Knights return and have some splaining to do, but instead start with giggles and mumbles. Both Knights share stories about anxiety attacks, dental work and knee injuries before discussing the Flick Pick, Aladdin. Some special attention is given to Howard Ashman, Alan Menkin, and Tim Rice because the soundtrack has a special place in Ceebs’ heart as her adolescent self parkoured through the house singing along to her very first cd. The Knights are to record episode 122 - Captain America: Civil War so we need to stop writing now. k thx bai!

 Episode Page |   April 24, 2016 |   Download

119 - Kitteh's Kurlies

In this installment, Kitteh gets a haircut followed by getting more agitated and paranoid while Ceebs encourages him to smoke pot to take the edge off. The Knights thank Neil and Annaleis from Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks, profusely. Seriously, it was almost to excess, and by the end of the show, the chatters were even having fun with it. Multiple flicks were mentioned, but the Knights never landed on a Flick Pick so they talked about the packaging of their new Star War: The Force Awakens Blu-rays. For the record the Knights would like to take one more opportunity to thank Neil and Annaleis from Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks for joining them the previous week.

 Episode Page |   April 9, 2016 |   Download

118 - Super Troopers

In this installment, the Knights are joined by Neil and Annaleis of Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks. If it’s not clear by the amount of gushing at their guests, the Knights really love their podcast and had a ton of fun recording with part of their #PodernFamily. This episode is full of stories, and lots of laughs, and plenty of the previously mentioned gushing. The Flick Pick for the week is Broken Lizzard’s Super Troopers, a favorite of Ceebs and Neil, but only seen once or twice by Kitteh and Annaleis.

 Episode Page |   April 2, 2016 |   Download

117 - Hop

The Knights catch up with each other on this Easter Sunday installment. Ceebs shares her current plans for leading a healthier lifestyle, as well as her WonderCon 2016 experiences. Kitteh shares Cat stuff like bus and paranoia stories. This week’s Flick Pick is Hop, an Easter Favorite of Ceebs, and one Kitteh has never seen due to his loathing of Russel Brand.

 Episode Page |   March 27, 2016 |   Download