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032 - Contact

The knights storm the interwebs with another installment of their goofy take on what a movie podcast ought to be. The knights valiantly battled each other in the Tournament of Segments only to determine that this weeks match was a draw. The Flick Pick for the week is Contact, and in typical Midnight Movie Knights fashion, the knights got distracted and talked about other tangential topics.

 Episode Page |   August 9, 2014 |   Download

QP002 - Lucy

Ceebs shares her thoughts on Luc Besson and how Lucy (2014) put her in the right mindset to appreciate contrasting atmospheric conditions.

 Episode Page |   August 3, 2014 |   Download

031 - Maverick

The Knights try something new, the Tournament of the Segments! We introduced a spinning wheel for picking topics and we added a bit of a competition. We ended up spinning 7 times and Ceebs had content for all 7 topics and Kitteh had 4. This weeks Flick Pick is Maverick and we were suddenly joined by Revelstoke Jim when he called out Kitteh for all his talk about savages. We have a happy ending though, it turns out that Kitteh was revealing his own personal heritage and that he is proud to call himself savage.

 Episode Page |   August 2, 2014 |   Download

030 - Flash Gordon

The Knights are joined once again joined by We Are Not Here To Please You (WANHTPY) podcast and the usual level of inappropriateness and bickering ensues. The Knights debut a new segment called “Pop My Culture Cherry” the new home of pop culture news on the show. This weeks Flick Pick is Flash Gordon, which Ceebs hasn’t seen yet and The Cat and Rafael mock her appropriately. Ceebs blackmails Rafael in what Rafael inappropriately calls the longest stinger ever. Duh everyone who listens to us probably already knows that the Longest Stinger Ever award belongs to NetHeads.

 Episode Page |   July 27, 2014 |   Download

029 - Star Trek: Into Darkness

Ceebs had the opportunity to watch Star Trek: Into Darkness this evening at The Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA, which is where the Starfleet Headquarters scenes were filmed. She was so overwhelmed with emotion that she just had to make sweet sweet pod with The Cat. The Knights jumped on the stream for an impromptu show to discuss the experience.

 Episode Page |   July 25, 2014 |   Download