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031 - Maverick

Kitteh is a silly goose

 August 2, 2014 |  Download

The Knights try something new, the Tournament of the Segments! We introduced a spinning wheel for picking topics and we added a bit of a competition. We ended up spinning 7 times and Ceebs had content for all 7 topics and Kitteh had 4. This weeks Flick Pick is Maverick and we were suddenly joined by Revelstoke Jim when he called out Kitteh for all his talk about savages. We have a happy ending though, it turns out that Kitteh was revealing his own personal heritage and that he is proud to call himself savage.

Tournament of the Segments


  • Ceebs: UPS being a pain in the ass to deal with. They supposedly left a package on patio and it was delivered about 20 minutes before I got home that night.

Pop My Culture Cherry

Who News? Who Cares? (We, He, She) Cares!

  • Ceebs: Doctor Who Season 8 Premeire will be in theaters across the US. I think that’s really awesome but I don’t know if I would enjoy that viewing experience. I’m assuming we’ll both watch it at the same time and text each other the entire time. I couldn’t do that in the theater, it would be rude.

Guilty Pleasure

Ear Candy - Soundtrack or podcast

Anything Goes


  • Ceebs: Maverick
    • Maverick: Oh, you sure do pick the spots.
    • Joseph: Yeah, I know. You know the next time you people come and drive us off our land I’m gonna find a nice piece of swamp that’s so God-awful, maybe then you’ll leave us the hell alone.
  • Kitteh: Die Hard
    • [Hans is threatening to kill Takagi if he doesn’t divulge the code to the vault] I don’t know it, I’m telling you. Get on a jet to Tokyo and ask the Chairman. I’m telling you, you’re just going to have to kill me.

Knights Choice

  • Ceebs: Guilty Pleasure