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037 - Clerks

Joined by their friends Raphael, Al, and Revelstoke Jim, the Knights struggled to control the show with more guests than hosts. At some point Ceebs decided that the group was trying to drop more F-bombs than The Wolf of Wall Street. Raphael kept wanting to talk about how he interviewed Marilyn Ghigliotti, one of the stars of this weeks Flick Pick, Clerks. The group did their best to not talk about it, despite the protests of Ceebs because she accidentally played the really long 37 dicks clip. And she definitely could have worded that better. What the hell happened to this episode? No NetHeads content was plagiarized in the creation of this podcast.

 Episode Page |   September 13, 2014 |   Download

036 - A Bug's Life

The Knights retire #HashtagMorons as it has now graduated. A new segment, Science Flicktion was added and both Knights chose 80’s classics. @DCKantel did two excellent show openers for us and Ceebs surprised The Cat with them. The Flick Pick for this week is a actually a Flik pick. We wanted to watch and animated film, and we both had A Bug’s Life on the mind.

 Episode Page |   September 6, 2014 |   Download

035 - Fight Club

The Knights are joined by friend of the show Johnny Whitetrash of The Johnny Whitetrash Show. The show went long, but we had a blast. Ceebs had another out in the world experience and fasgasmed again. The Flick Pick is Fight Club, and in true Midnight Movie Knights fashion, we didn’t talk about the Flick Pick.

 Episode Page |   August 30, 2014 |   Download

034 - The Right Stuff

This week The Knights are joined by Matt from The SLS Cast. Matt cleans up in the Tournament of Segments, Ceebs loses her ability to translate thoughts into words, and The Cat? He’s The Cat, duh. The Flick Pick for this week is The Right Stuff. Both Knights and their guest have seen the movie multiple times, although The Cat doesn’t think he’s seen it all the way through in one sitting.

 Episode Page |   August 23, 2014 |   Download

033 - The Kitteh (Truman) Show

In this installment, Miranda has a fangasm over the Star Wars news that just broke, but one Knight in particular wins the show by default. That Frakking Cat spins a yarn and tells a tale, he just might have to get a hat as well. This weeks #FlickPick is The Truman Show, and it’s a symbolic pick for The Cat.

 Episode Page |   August 16, 2014 |   Download