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037 - Clerks

Shutup Raphael!

 September 13, 2014 |  Download

Joined by their friends Raphael, Al, and Revelstoke Jim, the Knights struggled to control the show with more guests than hosts. At some point Ceebs decided that the group was trying to drop more F-bombs than The Wolf of Wall Street. Raphael kept wanting to talk about how he interviewed Marilyn Ghigliotti, one of the stars of this weeks Flick Pick, Clerks. The group did their best to not talk about it, despite the protests of Ceebs because she accidentally played the really long 37 dicks clip. And she definitely could have worded that better. What the hell happened to this episode? No NetHeads content was plagiarized in the creation of this podcast.

Raphael dared Ceebs to have some wine while doing the show. That was a mistake.