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041 - Brazil

This week the Knights chose Brazil as their Flick Pick, and they decided to watch it before doing the show. This pathetic attempt at recording a podcast is the aftermath. The Cat had 4 double shot espresso drinks, and Ceebs just doesn’t have any excuses.

 Episode Page |   October 11, 2014 |   Download

040 - Midnight Run

The Knights saddle up for episode 40, which unintentionally was scehduled on the fourth day of the tenth month. Ceebs attends a wedding and gets girly, again. Meanwhile in Kittehland, The Cat updates the litter box. Ceebs wins the Tournament of Segments, but fails with the Flick Pick, Midnight Run, since she’s never seen it. Oh and The Cat fell for it again. What an idiot, with a microphone.

 Episode Page |   October 4, 2014 |   Download

039 - When Harry Met Sally

The Knights return triumphantly as The Cat has his regained mastery of his own vocal chords. The no plagiarism disclaimer has been officially retired as it has served it’s purpose. In the Tournament of Segments, Ceebs dons her Monty Python Killer Rabbit Slippers and ponders the status of the ozone layer in the year 3995 AD after watching Beneath the Planet of the Apes, while The Cat gets things in to gear with Maximum Overdrive. The Flick Pick for this week belonged to Ceebs and she chose When Harry Met Sally because she felt like watching something “girly girly.”

 Episode Page |   September 27, 2014 |   Download

038 - Batman

The Knights had a new challenge in this episode as That Frakking Cat found himself without his voice. But fear not dear listener as the voice of That Frakking Cat was provided by his squire Johhny Whitetrash. After giving her thoughts more time gel and become more apparent, Ceebs decides to go a bit further into depth on her thoughts about Kevin Smith’s Tusk. The Flick Pick for this week is Tim Burton’s Batman, and both Knights and Johnny the Whitetrash squire love this flick!

 Episode Page |   September 20, 2014 |   Download

QP003 - Tusk

Ceebs shares her spoiler free thoughts on Kevin Smith’s Tusk.

 Episode Page |   September 18, 2014 |   Download