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080 - Dead Alive

In this week’s dose of verbal diarrhea, the Knights sell out after an odd turn of events leads to a listener tossing some green backs their way. As a reward for his patronage, Tom Sherlock chose the Flick Pick, Dead Alive. Both Knights are now reconsidering their position as sell outs. In all seriousness, the amount of support we get from you guys is awesome. We love you guys, and thank you for playing along with us on these silly adventures. The Knights totally have cases of the feels tonight, and as always that’s toKnight with a ‘K’!

 Episode Page |   July 11, 2015 |   Download

079 - The Patriot

This week the Knights jump right into the thick of things as Ceebs encourages the Kitteh to show his microphone a little love. At the time of recording the Knights hadn’t finished watching their Flick Pick, The Patriot. Ceebs gets confused by a French guy that she thought normally plays Russian guys, and yeah, she just got everything wrong. The show was shorter than normal as it was Independence Day in the United States and the Knights wanted to watch the fireworks.

 Episode Page |   July 4, 2015 |   Download

078 - Finding Nemo

This week the Knights attend a baseball game with friends and family, and it was the Cat’s first baseball game since moving to California. The Knights tell the tale of their adventure, which may have involved the felineous (get it?) act of sneaking a knife past the metal detectors. After the game the group had the opportunity to go down on the field and watch this weeks Flick Pick, Finding Nemo. Ceebs got kicked in the head while on the field, but she’s just as goofy as ever. Towards the end of the night the Cat did confirm that Ceebs was telling the truth about her pranks on her sister as a child, but lucky for Ceebs, her sister was quick to point out that she was well taken care of and always protected from others, as a true knight should. Stay tuned for the stinger as the fuzzball gets the feels and Ceebs talks about getting the vapors.

 Episode Page |   June 27, 2015 |   Download

077 - Star Wars Revisted - Kinda

This week the Knights are on a mission to pod. The live show was delayed slightly due to a desire for sustinance and genuine human interaction with friends. Ceebs talks a bit about Inside Out while Cat tells a tale about morons. The Knights didn’t have a Flick Pick prepared, which led Ceebs to demonstrate how she likes playing with numbers, but also how bad her memory is as she forgets that they’ve already done Star Wars. The Knights kinda revist Star Wars, kinda talk about Jaws, and talk a bit about Kung Fury, but mostly it’s just Ceebs showing what a terrible person she truly is. Stay tuned in the stinger for a brief discussion of Captain Honkass’s review of Bloodsport as clipped with permission from How Not to Make a Movie.

 Episode Page |   June 20, 2015 |   Download

076 - The Man With the Golden Gun

An idea to improve laptop quality, hours before the show, delays the exact start time, but things get under way, with fireworks. (Excellent timing Ceebs!) Miranda shared her week of hell by telling her tale of a dead laptop and the vicious plague of insomnia. Cat also had stories of a very large litter box and an attacking ocean, then spent most of the week in boring mediocrity.

 Episode Page |   June 13, 2015 |   Download