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090 - Dick Tracy

This week Ceebs tries to trigger paranoia in the Cat as part of her comedic master plan, and fails miserably. 3 days in the making and it failed #KittehWins. The Knights talk about the Cat being the new cohost of We Are Not Here to Please You, as well as Ceebs’ career choices. The Flick Pick is Dick Tracy which is loved by both Knights. Err… Umm… we mean we didn’t hate it.

 Episode Page |   September 19, 2015 |   Download

089 - Major League

This installment was threatened by a recording glitch, but with some recording redundancy, a little editing and post processing, voila, a tale of two Knights at the ballpark. The Knights recount the events of the evening at the Angels game with @mv_ughn. The Flick Pick for the week is Major League, which both Knights agree was the perfect fit for the evening.

 Episode Page |   September 12, 2015 |   Download

088 - The Land Before Time

The Knights return for another evening of nearly incoherent babbling at each other. Kitteh expresses his concerns about voicing his opinion so freely as of late and surprises Ceebs with a present as well as his so called “selective hearing.” Ceebs had another multiple anxiety attack week and kept mentioning that stuff was going down, but refused to talk about it. One host won’t talk about her week, the other can’t hear it anyway. Why on earth do you people listen to us? The Flick Pick for the week is The Land Before Time, a favorite of Ceebs, even though she never fully articulates just what the film means to her, mostly because it has to do with some other stuff she doesn’t want to talk about. Frozen Ceebs, just let it go. Hey, look at the pretty picture Kitteh drew!

 Episode Page |   September 5, 2015 |   Download

087 - Star Trek: The Next Generation

Joined by their friends @MarkoShark, @RevelstokeJim, and @AvailableInADHD, the Knights embark on another journey. Ceebs proves what a crappy co-host she can be when she talks to everyone about their week except for the Cat. Both Ceebs and the Cat forgot to mention a handful of topics they wanted to talk about, but it didn’t matter because they were in good company. The Knights kept with their recent trend of chosing something released in the year of the episode number as their Flick Pick, but they changed it up by choosing Star Trek: The Next Generation, a tv show! Hey it’s related to multiple movies, so it works, and it was a ton of fun.

 Episode Page |   August 29, 2015 |   Download

086 - The Great Mouse Detective

In this installment the Knights share the details their underwhelming week, and they really needed Gold Five to remind them to “Stay on topic!” The flick pick for the week is Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective, a childhood favorite of Ceebs, and one the Cat hasn’t seen since the VHS era.

 Episode Page |   August 22, 2015 |   Download