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077 - Star Wars Revisted - Kinda

On a mission to pod

 June 20, 2015 |  Download

This week the Knights are on a mission to pod. The live show was delayed slightly due to a desire for sustinance and genuine human interaction with friends. Ceebs talks a bit about Inside Out while Cat tells a tale about morons. The Knights didn’t have a Flick Pick prepared, which led Ceebs to demonstrate how she likes playing with numbers, but also how bad her memory is as she forgets that they’ve already done Star Wars. The Knights kinda revist Star Wars, kinda talk about Jaws, and talk a bit about Kung Fury, but mostly it’s just Ceebs showing what a terrible person she truly is. Stay tuned in the stinger for a brief discussion of Captain Honkass’s review of Bloodsport as clipped with permission from How Not to Make a Movie.