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076 - The Man With the Golden Gun


 June 13, 2015 |  Download

An idea to improve laptop quality, hours before the show, delays the exact start time, but things get under way, with fireworks. (Excellent timing Ceebs!) Miranda shared her week of hell by telling her tale of a dead laptop and the vicious plague of insomnia. Cat also had stories of a very large litter box and an attacking ocean, then spent most of the week in boring mediocrity.

Originally the Flick Pick was Jurassic World, but the passing of Sir Christopher Lee changed that as both Knights wanted to celebrate his life by watching one of his more prominent roles, Scaramanga in ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’. Being a Bond favorite of Miranda’s, she remembers it as the first time she saw Christopher Lee on screen. Cat had never seen the movie before but was impressed, with a couple of exceptions that he felt the need to rant about, one being that Bond’s fighting style is extremely similar to a certain Huney Whitetrash of the Johnny Whitetrash Show.