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044 - A Knight's Tale

Or, a Midnight Movie Knight's Tail

 November 1, 2014 |  Download

The Knights make pod live, in Texas! It’s the tail end of the #OperationNewLitterBox, Ceebs has flown in to Texas To join the Cat before heading out West! The Tournament of Segments was bypassed, because ya gotta build bypasses, this week to talk about Ceebs experience so far in Texas, the Cat’s last minute rundown of his preparations, and what they will be doing before November 5th when they start the drive to sunny California. In honor of the Cat changing his stars, the Knights picked the flick ‘A Knight’s Tale’, both admittedly caught each other dozing but not because of the awesome movie, but both being thoroughly exhausted from the lack of sleep building up to Ceebs’ arrival. 

Ceebs takes her infinity zipper to it's limit