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043 - The Untouchables

The Mega IMDB Rathole

 October 25, 2014 |  Download

The Knights strike back with over 100 minutes of verbal diarrhea as Kitteh brings it and Ceebs falls down an IMDB rathole that informs just about everyone of the segments in the Tournament of Segments. The Knights were locked in battle for a record 13 segments, with Ceebs narrowly edging out Kitteh 11 to 10. The #FlickPick for the week was unknown until just hours before the show because the Knights left it up to the audience with a “Pick Our Flick” strawpoll. The choices were Meet the Parents, Analyze This, and The Untouchables. The ultimate victor was The Untouchables, a movie that both Knights love. In the last minutes of the show, @ThatFrakkingCat wasn’t the only one that needed to hit the litterbox, Skype joined him and we were all reminded why @MirandaJanell is called Ceebs.

The Knights will return next Saturday, November 1, 2014 with A Knights Tale. There couldn’t be a more fitting #FlickPick as the Knights will changing their stars with #OperationNewLitterBox.