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116 - Minions (Not Really)

Kitteh is an "explitive deleted"

 March 19, 2016 |  Download

The Knights brought another life heavy installment this week. Kitteh has allergies, and is tired, but he’s still sporting his sense of humor. Ceebs broke her phone, again, but she’s now seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens 10 times, so she’s not complaining too much. This week’s Flick Pick was Minions, but the Knights hadn’t watched it before recording, so they really just mentioned it.

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The Knights were joined in the Mixlr chat by RevelstokeJim (@RevelstokeJim), Ryan Connolly (@kaarval), Mayor of Beertown (@MayorOfBeertown), Dale Hu (@madzub), Marianne (@mv_ughn), and Marc Thorner (@markoshark).

Jonas and Miranda talking on the couch while Dave lays across them.