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116 - Minions (Not Really)

The Knights brought another life heavy installment this week. Kitteh has allergies, and is tired, but he’s still sporting his sense of humor. Ceebs broke her phone, again, but she’s now seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens 10 times, so she’s not complaining too much. This week’s Flick Pick was Minions, but the Knights hadn’t watched it before recording, so they really just mentioned it.

 Episode Page |   March 19, 2016 |   Download

115 - Magic Mike XXL

Girls Knight finally happened! The Knights were joined in studio by Marianne, and on Skype by Huney and Johnny Whitetrash to watch and discuss this weeks Flick Pick Magic Mike XXL.

 Episode Page |   March 12, 2016 |   Download

114 - Maleficent

The Knights have returned this week to give a dose of verbal diarrhea rather than bring it. Ceebs shared a story about a gift from her mother. The Cat didn’t share much of an update this time around. In his own words, “I was here, by myself.” The Flick Pick for the week is Maleficent, a movie so enjoyed by both Knights that they didn’t discuss any other options.

 Episode Page |   March 5, 2016 |   Download

113 - 2013?

This week the Knights went without a Flick Pick in favor of focusing on the last couple days. Johnny joined the Knights on Skype after Ceebs explained her aversion to The Danish Girl.

 Episode Page |   February 28, 2016 |   Download

112 - Silver Linings Playbook

Another week has come to pass and the knights have taken to the microphones. Comic-Con tickets, Police Academy, Coworkers leaving, cleaning the apartment, hard root beer floats, 11.22.63, and more bike news cover the Knights for their weekly not safe for work dose of life, pop culture, most importantly movies. The Flick Pick for the week is Silver Linings Playbook, a movie that is very close to Ceebs’ heart, and another one for the Cat to cross off his never seen list.

 Episode Page |   February 20, 2016 |   Download