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004 - Pump Up The Volume

Rage provocation, Invisibility, moonshine, remakes of iconic movies, and a smidge of Doctor Who. Pump up the Volume is the flick pick for the week, and one of the hosts can’t believe that the other hasn’t seen it.

 Episode Page |   February 17, 2014 |   Download

003 - Pirate Radio

This week we talk trailers, and the unfortunate death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Our “Flick Pick” was Pirate Radio which we watched before we recorded because the internet hates us.

 Episode Page |   February 12, 2014 |   Download

002 - Origin Stories

This week we went a little longer than our target of 30-45 minutes, but we wanted to properly thank everyone who listened last week as well as answer some of the questions we’ve received. We are still experimenting with the format, and we actually made attempts at learning to edit the audio.

 Episode Page |   February 2, 2014 |   Download

001 - Waxing Idiodical

The first recording of two friends having a good time and it didn’t totally suck, just mostly.

 Episode Page |   January 25, 2014 |   Download