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014 - I Love You, Man

Tonight the knights rush through things because the podcasting overlords hate them. They talk about voice over artists, frustrations with both microphones and thursdays. The flick pick is I Love You, man. Towards the end, it gets all sorts of noisy and sets Ceeb’s off.

 Episode Page |   April 12, 2014 |   Download

013 - First Contact (With Canada) Part 2

Friend of the show, @RevelstokeJim joins the knights to discuss the voices in their heads, podcasting, Jim’s broadcasting history, and a little Star Trek: First Contact. Thanks for joining us Jim.

 Episode Page |   April 9, 2014 |   Download

012 - First Contact (With Canada) Part 1

What do Ben Cotton, Katee Sackhoff, Chris Hardwick, and James Franco all have in common? The knights talked about all of them in this first ever two parter. Miranda was surly and apparently not right in the head, and the cat was distracting. The flick pick was Star Trek: First Contact in honor of First Contact Day 49 years from now. Stay tuned @RevelstokeJim joins the knights in the next part.

 Episode Page |   April 6, 2014 |   Download

011 - The First Special Episode!

The knights discuss how adorable Sherman is, and being excited to have the opportunity to meet @judgefunkyboy and @apartofhim when they journey to Death Ray Comics in May. The claws come out when @apartofhim tweets a picture showing the riddiculous shipping practices of Diamond Comic Distributors.

 Episode Page |   April 2, 2014 |   Download

010 - A League of Their Own

The knights battle sound issues and a rumbling earth. There’s talk of baseball, and Ninja Tutles, Asguardian fashion, mutants, and American heroes. Miranda credits the wrong Marshall for this weeks flick pick as chosen by you, A League of Their Own.

 Episode Page |   March 30, 2014 |   Download