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024 - Step Brothers

The week has worn out Ceebs, so the Cat takes the Captain’s chair and he talks about reminiscing with family on Father’s Day, agreeing with Walt Flanagan, invasions of his purrsonal space and trying out maple bacon popcorn to honor the Knights’ Canadian friends all while Ceebs puts up with it. Skype attacks the Knights but they prevail the onslaught then watch The Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly flick Step Brothers.

 Episode Page |   June 22, 2014 |   Download

023 - Aeon Flux

The Flick Pick for the week is Aeon Flux. Ceebs was in a Charlize Theron mood this week and The Cat had never seen the flick. The Knights ultimately decided that they took this show too seriously, but they still had fun making pod.

 Episode Page |   June 15, 2014 |   Download

022 - Stargate

Ceebs has troubles from the get go. The Knights are joined by @kaarval. The segments go completely out of order, but they all have fun. The Flick Pick was Stargate which the Knights watched saturday night after they failed to record the original show. Oh poop.

 Episode Page |   June 8, 2014 |   Download

021 - Pacific Rim

The Knights jump all over the place, SQUIRREL! Matt from SLSCast reached out to the show and The Knights had a ton of fun interacting with him. The Cat has issues with breeders, again and labeled them #HashtagMorons. This weeks #FlickPick is Pacific Rim, Ceebs had never seen it before. She found it overly predictable, holy hell what was that!

 Episode Page |   June 1, 2014 |   Download

020 - Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

The Knights get a little nostalgic while The Cat listens to 80’s dance music, and Ceebs starts watching Batman: The Animated Series. The Cat reveals how he turned into a smitten kiten and became our #HashtagMoron of the week. The Knights come down with a case of foot in mouth disease a couple times. And the nostalgia continues with this weeks Flick Pick of Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion.

 Episode Page |   May 25, 2014 |   Download