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QP001 - Dallas Buyers Club

The first installment of what The Knights are calling Midnight Movie Knight Quick Picks. Ceebs shares her thoughts on Dallas Buyers Club.

 Episode Page |   July 20, 2014 |   Download

028 - Leap of Faith

The Knights have another goofy night of chit chat. At one point Ceebs even left the show for a few minutes to watch the fireworks that just moments before had scared the crap out of her. Stunned by the sudden departure of his co-host, The Cat valiantly battled the silence monster. Upon Ceebs’ return, she dicovered that The Cat had emerged victorious, and the show could go on. This weeks Flick Pick is Leap of Faith starring Steve Martin. Ceebs has never seen it, and The Cat is eager share this flick because it’s one of his favorites.

 Episode Page |   July 19, 2014 |   Download

027 - The Lego Movie

The Knights battled connectivity issues and it’s been almost a week, frak it, we’re just releasing this one.

 Episode Page |   July 18, 2014 |   Download

026 - Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Ceebs finds her earbuds, the Cat is annoyed by a fictional character running his life. Eff you Christof! How about some Who News, Who Cares?! The Knights invent a new segment and The Cat thinks it fecal in nature. He does do the show from his litter box after all. Ceebs wants to know what the hell is wrong with The Cat, and then decides it’s her Angelina Jolie holiday weekend. This weeks Flick Pick is Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and both Knights have seen it.

 Episode Page |   July 5, 2014 |   Download

025 - Spaceballs

Ceebs is back in town, barely, and pretty much only talks about her trip. The Cat is up to his regular hijinks but is starting to show some ageism. Both Knights slam the new Ninja Turdles trailer. The Flick Pick for the week was Magic Mike until The Knights realized it was episode 25 and decided they wanted to watch something special. They totally didn’t plan that either. Seriously, would they lie to you?

 Episode Page |   June 30, 2014 |   Download