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131 - Tombstone

The Knights continue to battle the low levels monster but they emerge victoriousish. Kitteh has a new toy and the conversation get pretty graphic, while Ceebs sets a new professional goal. The Knights saw Ghostbusters on opening knight and both Knights gave it an official didn’t hate it. After ceding the on going battle with their mixer, the Knights wrapped up by gushing at Tombstone, their Flick Pick for the week.

 Episode Page |   July 16, 2016 |   Download

130 - Super Mario Brothers

The Knights return for another for another round of finding talking to be hard. The Cat is in pain, but he had a mostly good week. Ceebs not so much. After their last Flick Pick of Independence Day the Knights saw Independence Day: Ressurgence and they share their thoughts. This weeks’ Flick Pick is Super Mario Brothers which both Knights admit isn’t a great movie, but they love it anyway.

 Episode Page |   July 9, 2016 |   Download

129 - Independence Day

Tech issues throw Ceebs big time, but that doesn’t stop the Knights returning for another installment of not safe for work verbal diarrhea that ends on a high note. Ceebs still doesn’t enjoy Batman v Superman, while Kat wishes he had able to see it in the theater. The Flick Pick for this truncated episode is 1996’s Independence Day.

 Episode Page |   July 2, 2016 |   Download

128 - The Birdcage

Ceebs fell in her battle battle with the stress monster, but her partner in pod valiantly picked his fallen comrade up and delivered her to the medics, injuring himself in the process. Fear not dear listener for The Knights have returned the Sand Castle Studio to share their tales from the medic tent, the discovery of the British mini-series Hit & Miss following the life of a transgender hit woman, as well as their experience at OC Pride. The Flick Pick for the week is the hilariously over the top dramady, The Birdcage.

 Episode Page |   June 25, 2016 |   Download

127 - Clerks II

It’s been nearly two months since The Knights have released an episode, but they are back and have debuted a new version of their intro! Kat shares a story about how he got a mason jar from a very Smirnoff nIce lady. Ceebs blathers on about going to the Dodgers game with her dad before sharing a story about the most bizarre play she’s ever seen in the stadium. The Flick Pick was nearly Zootopia and the Knights discuss the joy it brought to both of them before getting into their actual Flick Pick, Clerks II. While discussing the Flick Pick questions were raised, such as wether the imagined name of a cow can be a racial, and the Knights even came up with a potential plot for Clerks III set at a voyeuristic marijuana dispensary.

 Episode Page |   June 11, 2016 |   Download