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045 - A Million Ways to Die in the West

Still weary from their travels, the Knights skip the Tournament of Segments again and decide to discuss Operation New Litterbox some more, all while their Flick Pick, A Million Ways to Die in the West, is playing and distracting them.

 Episode Page |   November 8, 2014 |   Download

ONLB01 - Roswell, NM

Ceebs and Kitteh discuss their first day of travel during Operation New Litterbox from Roswell, New Mexico.

 Episode Page |   November 5, 2014 |   Download

044 - A Knight's Tale

The Knights make pod live, in Texas! It’s the tail end of the #OperationNewLitterBox, Ceebs has flown in to Texas To join the Cat before heading out West! The Tournament of Segments was bypassed, because ya gotta build bypasses, this week to talk about Ceebs experience so far in Texas, the Cat’s last minute rundown of his preparations, and what they will be doing before November 5th when they start the drive to sunny California. In honor of the Cat changing his stars, the Knights picked the flick ‘A Knight’s Tale’, both admittedly caught each other dozing but not because of the awesome movie, but both being thoroughly exhausted from the lack of sleep building up to Ceebs’ arrival. 

 Episode Page |   November 1, 2014 |   Download

043 - The Untouchables

The Knights strike back with over 100 minutes of verbal diarrhea as Kitteh brings it and Ceebs falls down an IMDB rathole that informs just about everyone of the segments in the Tournament of Segments. The Knights were locked in battle for a record 13 segments, with Ceebs narrowly edging out Kitteh 11 to 10. The #FlickPick for the week was unknown until just hours before the show because the Knights left it up to the audience with a “Pick Our Flick” strawpoll. The choices were Meet the Parents, Analyze This, and The Untouchables. The ultimate victor was The Untouchables, a movie that both Knights love. In the last minutes of the show, @ThatFrakkingCat wasn’t the only one that needed to hit the litterbox, Skype joined him and we were all reminded why @MirandaJanell is called Ceebs.

 Episode Page |   October 25, 2014 |   Download

042 - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The Knights watched The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy this week in honor of episode 42 and again they discussed the movie. The Cat was overly caffeinated again with these doubleshot espressos and his mind was all over the place. Ceebs tried to control him as best she could to keep on track, despite the return of SmittenKitten, but it won her the Tournament of Segments. Go Ceebs!

 Episode Page |   October 18, 2014 |   Download