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050 - Guardians of the Galaxy

The Knights have made it to their 50th episode. Since 50 is one of those special numbers, they decided they needed a special Flick Pick. Fate intervened when Guardians of the Galaxy was released on Blu-ray/DVD earlier in the week. The Knights were honored to be joined by their friends Jim Browning, Marc Thorner, and Patrick Blazek not only on the show, but in watching the movie together as well. One member of the group had not seen the flick yet and both Knights truly enjoyed seeing their friends face light up with joy while watching. The Tournament of Segments was skipped this week, but like James Bond, it will return in Episode 51.

 Episode Page |   December 13, 2014 |   Download

049 - The Book of Eli

Ceebs’ obligations and technical issues make the show later than usual, but once the Knights get started its all good. The plans for the 50th episode are discussed, and it’ll be a good one. Desk issues once again plague poor Ceebs, and the Cat gains another nickname, the Kricket Hunter, with a K! The Tournament of Segments takes place and a question is raised, ‘Can Nobody be quoted?’ Technically yes, and it makes a winner in the tournament of segments! That Frakking Cat was the winner, and as such decided the flick pick for the evening. He chose The Book of Eli, the 2010 flick starring Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman.

 Episode Page |   December 6, 2014 |   Download

048 - Legally Blonde

The Knights start late again, because, well, you know, sleepy Kitteh. Ceebs calls a Flick Pick audible in the middle of the Tournament of Segments and conviced The Cat that they should watch Legally Blonde. The Cat had never seen it before, and Ceebs decided he needed to be educated in the ways of the bend and snap. That wasn’t even the first time the Flick Pick changed. The original flick pick was Hesher, but since the Knights didn’t watch it before the show they chose Employee of the Month instead. Seriously Knights, just pick a flick and stick with it, right?

 Episode Page |   November 29, 2014 |   Download

047 - The Fault in Our Stars

The Knights continue their adventures in trying to figure out how best to do the show now that they are face to face. This week’s Flick Pick, The Fault in Our Stars, grew out of Ceebs’ Novel Idea for the Tournament.

 Episode Page |   November 22, 2014 |   Download

046 - Big Hero 6

The Tournament of Segments returns this week and it’s That Frakking Cat that gets the bragging rights. Operation New Litterbox has already provided Kitteh with a new source of stories. And the Knights discuss their Flick Pick Big Hero 6, which just so happens to be the first movie they’ve seen in the theaters together!

 Episode Page |   November 15, 2014 |   Download