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070 - Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Knights return from viewing one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2015, Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron! Ye be warned matey, spoilers are dropped, but they kept some of really good stuff out of the conversation. The Knights are thoughtful that way, mostly. Ceebs had a moment with Captain America, and really loved the introduction of the Scarlett Witch. Kitteh went gaga over the Easter eggs providing some foreshadowing for the future movies. Both Knights agree on the official rating of didn’t hate it, and will very likely see it again on the big screen.

 Episode Page |   May 2, 2015 |   Download

069 - Megapod

Joined by Johnny and Huney Whitetrash, Revelstoke Jim and his Canadian Content, Matt from SLS Cast, Rafael of We Are Not Here To Please You, and Will Wilkins of NetHeads, the Knights embark on their zaniest audio adventure yet, and they call it Megapod *bum bum bum bum buuummmmmmmmmmmm*. Ceebs is describing it as something that started as a simple crossover epsiode and turned into one of the weirdest nights of her life. Meanwhile the Cat is standing on a stage clasping a little golden statue in his paws and exclaiming, “for all of you to come together at the last minute to pull this off, I can’t deny the fact that you like us, right now, you like us!” If Planters ever builds a museum, we have some serious candidates for the peanut gallery.

 Episode Page |   April 25, 2015 |   Download

068 - The GABNet Curiousity

Plagued by difficulties of both the technical and non technical varieties, the Knights go live on GABNet.net and even attempted a Citizen Panel. The end result is a show that very much so resembles Getting Geeky, only with a lot more butt stuff. During the stinger, the Knights settled on Darevil as their Flick Pick, but they did not obtain it, so this week, they are without a Flick Pick. Both Knights agree, that was a weird show.

 Episode Page |   April 18, 2015 |   Download

067 - The Mighty Ducks

A Knight shares some feels about a troubled week and the then things turn most fowl with this week’s Flick Pick, The Might Ducks!

 Episode Page |   April 11, 2015 |   Download

066 - WonderCon 2015

The Knights went on a great adventure and they tell their tales of WonderCon 2015. The site of Margot Kidder left Ceebs starstruck. Kitteh describes her as having been flabbergasted , and suddenly unable to speak. That Frakking Cat Burglar proves that he is true of heart as he rights an accidental injustice. Both Knights had the time of thier lives at their first comic convention.

 Episode Page |   April 4, 2015 |   Download