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124 - Blazing Saddles

Kneeding Kitteh

 May 21, 2016 |  Download

In this installment the Knights start off, really off, but after a few moments they get back on track. Ceebs shares her Disney Day stories and the Knights fall into a Lego rathole. The Knights discuss the latest Star Trek Beyond and Ghostbusters trailers which leads them into a discussion of what makes a good trailer. This week’s Flick Pick was suggested by uberfriend of the show, Matt from The SLS Cast, and he chose Mel Brooks’ 1974 satirical classic Blazing Saddles.

The Knights were joined in the Mixlr chat by Matt Quinton (@nittwit12345), Ryan Connolly (@kaarval), Tom Kaytt (@tkaytt), Tom Sherlock (@JudgeFunkyBoy), Marc Thorner (@MarkoShark), Johnny Whitetrash (@NotThatJohnny), and Marianne (@mv_ughn).

The Sherrif's a Kitteh